Initial Audit

The ESI Initial Audit is designed to emulate a complete facility OSHA Audit, and also includes a complete environmental assessment.


  • Scope
    • Complete physical property at (each) facility
    • Confined space inspections as applicable
    • Customer/public areas and associated liabilities
    • Complete audit of all OSHA related paperwork to include:
      • OSHA  logs
      • All proof of OSHA training and certification/history by employee
      • Worker’s compensation history
      • Hazcom/MSDS/SDS. Written program for Emergency Evacuation and accompanying materials
      • Written documation of training materials and procedures
    • Audit Report
      • Complete written assessment of noted violations, accompanying CFR cited by violation, and real-world interpretation of each violation is included
      • Includes a “punch list” of outstanding issues to be corrected
      • Includes overview of status af all OSHA paperwork (missing, incomplete, non correct)





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