Health and Safety

To maintain a successful work environment, ongoing health and safety management may be necessary. This is where ESI’s Complete Safety Management Services come in. These services include random inspections of your work environment along with over 50 different management programs. Your staff will recognize ESI’s inspector as a colleague and friend while respecting their authority to make changes and keep job areas safe.


All of this will create a worry-free environment for management and labor.

ESI will also provide safety classes, accident investigation, paperwork management, and litigation support.


The first step in compliance is to utilize ESI’s Initial Audit process. Our Initial Audit program gives your company a no-liability, independent third party environmental and OSHA inspection. By using this valuable tool, you position yourself for complete compliance and future growth without incurring related fines. 99 percent of our members see results.


Chemicals play an important role in today’s high tech world and ESI is also equipped to handle your process safety needs. We can evaluate and manage your compliance, as well as provide confidential services and nationwide emergency response.





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