OSHA Citation Mitigation / Abatement


 OSHA Inspection and Citation Assistance


ESI is an experienced company when it comes to immediately assisting our clients with OSHA inspections and citations. The second an OSHA official knocks at the door, our clients can call us for help. We assist in determining what OSHA standards apply to your company, what training is needed, and provide proper documentation. Sometimes our clients feel that complying with OSHA’ is just to difficulty and impossible, we will provide our clients with a solution and represent your company appropriately.

If your company has already been inspected, you only have 15 days to respond, so don’t wait to call us for help! By not responding, the citations become final and the employer must pay the defined penalty and comply with OSHA’s requirements. Even if the violations are not directly the employer’s fault, they can still be fined,


Walkthrough with OSHA  during visits

OSHA Conference Support

Modification of Abatement Service

Citation Reduction Service

Deliberation of Proposed Penalties



ESI has been consistently successful assisting our clients during informal conferences. It is our mission to achieve a significant reduction or completely eliminate our client’s fines. In most cases we will achieve a reduction in fines up to 80% and in some cases we have achieved no fines at all. 

Once the informal conference has concluded, our ESI will work hand in hand with your company to get the case completely closed.

It is not recommended that your company waits to find out if your company is in compliance. In order to prepare our clients for an OSHA inspection, we recommend setting up a “mock” OSHA inspection with one of our safety and health inspectors.

OSHA fines can be costly.







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